Tuesday, January 26, 2021

ZenKraft Vintage Rust Bison A5 Tactical Bifold


Introducing ZenKraft’s Vintage Rust Bison A5 Tactical Bifold! AweZen! Constructed from 4oz. Distressed brown bison, it has a smooth texture and a medium temper. Small antique brass rivets are the heroes, giving this piece a tactical appearance and adding to the rough n’ ready style! On its front is a natural edge utility pocket that holds what you need , from pens to cellphone, it’s your huckleberry! The matching belt closure is a nice touch as it’s girth can secure all inner contents safely, no worries mate! Inside, two natural edge left and right pockets hold ephemera as needed, left card slot to boot! The generous 2.5” spine holds 6 to 8 A5 inserts comfortably! Wild West ready, it’s the Vintage Rust Bison A5 Tactical Bifold, from ZenKraft!

1 comment:

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