Monday, July 20, 2015

ZenKraft Closed July 20 thru July 28th

ZenKraft will not be taking orders beginning July 20th thru July 28th.  Shop will reopen July 29th.
Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

ZenKraft Oregon Ducks Fan Journal (Standard)

Introducing ZenKraft's Oregon Ducks Fan Journal! Constructed from Menilli Forest Green and Golden Rod leather, lined with Black oil tanned leather, its buttery soft exterior is supported with a firm and durable lined interior. This regular size Bi-Fold holds six inserts comfortably and is secured with two toned black and gold rivets at its stress points. Available in September, its the Oregon Ducks Fan Journal, from ZenKraft! Enjoy!

Available in September, if interested, thanks!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ZenKraft Camo XL Dragon Pen Case

Introducing ZenKraft's Camo XL Dragon Pen Case. Constructed from 3oz. Camo print cowhide leather, and measuring 7.75" high and 12" wide, this Pen Case can hold 8 to 10 Pens, Pencils Rulers, etc, comfortably. An added Flap Pocket also holds small Tech Devices like Cell Phones, etc. Stress points are secured with brass rivets, giving this one added durability. Its the Camo XL Dragon Pen Case, available in September, from ZenKraft, enjoy!

Available in September, if interested, thanks!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

ZenKraft Blue Buck Bi-Fold (Standard)

***SOLDOUT***Introducing ZenKraft's Blue Buck Bi-Fold! Constructed from 6oz. 2.2mm New Zealand Deer Skin leather, this one has a semi soft temper and a pebble grain texture, but is very strong and pliable. It has the capacity to hold 6 regular size inserts comfortably without overhang! Twin Tech pockets basically hold what you need, including the Apple iPhone 6+. Coming in September, it's Blue Buck, and its from, yeah ZenKraft Baby! Enjoy!

Friday, July 10, 2015

ZenKraft Stormy Red Bi-Fold (Standard)

SOLDOUT-Introducing ZenKraft's Stormy Red Bi-Fold! Constructed from 5.5oz. 2mm red oil tanned leather, this notebook fits the EDC Bill and can handle anything stuffed inside. In its Bi-Fold configuration , Stormy Red can hold 4 to 6 Regular size inserts comfortably! Twin Tech Pockets, reinforced with brass rivets, can hold loose papers and small tech devices as needed. Its Stormy Red, and its from ZenKraft......Baby! Enjoy! if interested, thanks!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

ZenKraft Ultra Distressed Bison Personal Bi-Fold

SOLDOUT -Introducing ZenKraft's Ultra Distressed Bison Personal Bi-Fold. This one is constructed from oil tanned Bison leather, and has a semi-soft temper. 7.25" high and 4.75" wide (closed), it can hold 2 to 3 inserts comfortably. Tech pockets hold loose items and small tech devices without issue. Its the Ultra Distressed Bison Personal Bi-Fold and its available in September from, yeah ZenKraft baby, enjoy! if interested, thanks!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ZenKraft Palomino Bison Pen Pouch

Introducing ZenKraft's Palomino Bison Pen Pouch!  This is an unprecedented product from ZenKraft as we move to give you added dimensions to your ZenKraft Notebooks.  This Pen Pouch is constructed from oil tanned Bison and has a semi-soft buttery feel with a pebble grain contrast.  It has the capacity to hold six medium to large pens comfortably.  Designed in the Midori tradition, the pen pouch is secured with 2mm elastic cording at its mid-section.  Gold brass rivets provide even more security at the stress points. The closure flap has a ruler sleeve installed to hold six inch rulers, etc.   This is only the beginning of what is going to be a new era  in product design, from ZenKraft! Its the Palomino Pen Pouch  on sale in September!  Enjoy! if interested, thanks!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

ZenKraft Pacific Crest Trail LogBook Personal Edition

SOLDOUT- Introducing ZenKraft's Pacific Crest Trail LogBook, Personal Edition.  Constructed from 5.5oz. Pullup Oil Tanned leather, this notebook is firm and pliable.  A beautiful rustic color, it is both attractive and durable for any situation needed.  The dimensions of this one are 7.25" x 4.75" allowing four inserts held inside comfortably.  As usual, tech pockets hold small devices like cell phones, etc.  Folks it's the Pacific Crest Trail LogBook, Personal Edition, and its from............yeah, ZenKraft baby!  Enjoy! if interested, thanks!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

ZenKraft Kodiak Brown Hyper X-Treme Bi-Fold Plus (Standard)

Introducing ZenKraft's Hyper X-Treme Bi-Fold Plus.  Well, it was inevitable. The plus on this one is indicative of the added bottom left utility pocket, which adds to the functionality of this versatile notebook.  The notebook holds a Field Notes insert, two reg. size inserts and a host of pens, rulers, and small tech items in either of the six, yes six pockets this notebook has installed.  This one is constructed from Kodiak Brown leather which is pliable and durable, and will last for years.  Its the Hyper X-Treme Bi-Fold Plus, from ZenKraft, enjoy!
 if interested, thanks!