Wednesday, March 7, 2018

ZenKraft Dragons Armour A5 Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Dragons Armour A5 Bifold! Indeed! Constructed from 3oz. gold reptile embossed cowhide, combined with 4.5oz. black leather lining, this A5 Bifold is a true beast! Not only is the body lined, but the tech pockets are lined as well, making this a most durable piece of notebook hardware! Its inside left tech pocket has a triple pen pocket attached that holds medium to large writing tools. Its spine holds 6 to 8 A5 inserts comfortably. Its right tech pocket holds a 5” x 8” Reporter’s Notebook and card slot. All contents are secured by a 2mm black elastic cord that sports an antique brass Chinese Dragon charm which symbolizes good fortune! Not for the faint of heart, but for the bold and brave power user, its the Dragons Armour A5 Bifold, from ZenKraft!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

ZenKraft Dragons Armour B6 Slim X-Treme Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Dragon Armour B6 Slim X-Treme Bifold! Zentalizing! Constructed from 3oz. old gold and black Reptile embossed cowhide, combined with a 4oz. black leather liner, this is one notebook that makes a definite statement! Its inside left utility flap pocket holds writing utensils as required, while a left tech pocket holds a 4”x6” Pocket flip pad and card slot. Its 2.5” spine holds 6 to 8 B6 Slim inserts comfortably! Its right tech pocket has a triple credit card overlay pocket making it even more versatile yet! A right Secretarial flap pocket holds loose papers and cards as needed. All contents are secured with black 2mm elastic cording. Stylish, yet functional, its the Dragons Armour B6 Slim X-Treme Bifold, from ZenKraft!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

ZenKraft Distressed Croc Standard Wide Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Distressed Croc Vinyl Standard Wide Bifold! Constructed from 2oz. vinyl croc patterned material, combined with 4oz. leather liner, this Standard Wide has a medium firm temper and has a  textured feel when handled! It holds 8 to 10 Standard inserts comfortably, has a left double pen pocket over its full length tech pocket and holds a 4”x8” Reporter’s Notepad over ts right side pocket. EDC ready, its the Croc Vinyl Standard Wide Bifold, from ZenKraft!