Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ZenKraft Cahier XL Tri-Fold Kodiak Brown with Pocket

This is the Cahier XL Tri-Fold in Kodiak brown leather with left pocket, it measures 7.5” x 10”, the largest ZenKraft Notebook to date, enjoy!

Email me if interested: yehudahlightworker@gmail.com, thanks!

ZenKraft A5 Tri-Fold Distressed Brown with Tech Pockets

Introducing ZenKraft’s A5 Tri-Fold in Distressed Brown cowhide with double Tech pockets on left and right flaps. This notebook has the “Midori” feel and is suede soft on the inside. In addition to holding four A5 inserts comfortably, it also holds your small tablet and cell phone safely!

Email if interested: yehudahlightworker@gmail.com, thanks!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

ZenKraft Bear Cat Brown Distressed Bi-Fold Notebook

Introducing ZenKraft’s Bear Cat Brown distressed Bi-Fold notebook, holding six reg. Midori size inserts comfortably. Made from veg. tanned Meza Double shoulders leather, enjoy!

Email if interested: yehudahlightworker@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

ZenKraft Black Kodiak A5 Tri-Fold with Double Tech Pockets

Introducing ZenKraft’s A5 Tri-Fold in Kodiak Black leather…..wait! You say you’ve already seen that one! I don’t think so! What’s different you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked that question. This A5 Tri-Fold comes with not one, but two Tech pockets. A large Tech pocket that holds your six inch tablet or E-Reader, and a smaller Tech pocket that holds….your Cell phone! You heard right, a pocket large enough to hold a 5.5 to 6” cell phone comfortably and safely with or without a case! This Tri-Fold will hold four inserts comfortably in addition to the tablet and cell phone. Here are a few pics, enjoy!

If interested: yehudahlightworker@gmail.com Thanks!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

ZenKraft A5 Tri-Fold Kodiak Black with twin pockets

Introducing ZenKraft’s A5 Tri-Fold with twin secretarial pockets, which are able to hold your paperwork, 6” tablet, tools, etc without much difficulty.  Constructed from Kodiak black oil tanned leather, this notebook is easy to use, standing, sitting, etc. in order to get your writing done.  It holds 4 to 6 inserts comfortably in addition to a utility pocket and tablet.  Enjoy!

Email me if interested: yehudahlightworker@gmail.com, thank you!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ZenKraft Quad-Fold Slim Edition, Kodiak Brown

Introducing Zenkraft’s Quad-Fold Slim Edition in Kodiak Brown leather. It holds four inserts comfortably and has two secretarial side pockets. Toss this notebook in your EDC (Every Day Carry) Bag and go!

yehudahlightworker@gmail.com if interested.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

ZenKraft Meza Tri-Fold

ntroducing ZenKraft’s Meza Tri-Fold, made from Meza Double Shoulders Veg. tanned leather, it holds eight regular Midori size inserts comfortably, and has two elastic cords for easy access. This leather is 4mm thick, and is sturdy and durable. A limited amount are available.


ZenKraft Black oil tanned Moleskine Cahier Edition Tri-Fold with Pocket

Introducing ZenKraft’s Black oil tanned Moleskine Cahier (5”x8.25”) Edition Tri-Fold Notebook with Secretarial Pocket.  This slimmed down notebook comfortably holds four Cahier inserts measuring 5” x 8.25” holds a 6” tablet or E-Reader (Kindle), and still maintains its slimmed down form.  Not necessarily made for Power Notebook Users, Cahier Tri-Fold easily incorporates itself into your EDC (Every Day Carry) Bag without adding much bulk, but holding your essential information within.  A Black Kodiak leather version is on the horizon as well, stay tuned!

If interested: yehudahlightworker@gmail.com.