Monday, May 29, 2017

ZenKraft Genghis Khan/Clouded Leopard Warrior Standard Wide Bifold

Sometimes when the creative process is in full swing, I release my desire for control and just allow it to free flow! This is one of those times! Introducing ZenKraft’s Genghis Khan/Clouded Leopard Warrior Standard Wide Bifold! Just wow! Constructed from 6oz. Egg plant colored pullup cowhide, combined with 4.5oz. dark brown/orange marbled oil tanned cowhide this notebook is fit for any warrior! Front and rear insets display the layer of Clouded Leopard which has been sewn onto the Genghis Khan, giving it additional structure and a gorgeous design contrast! This notebook holds 8 to 10 standard inserts comfortably, and twin tech pockets hold accessories as required. An expression of Travelers Notebook Couture, its the Genghis Khan/Clouded Leopard Warrior Standard Wide Bifold, from ZenKraft!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

ZenKraft Long Haul Trucker LogBook

introducing ZenKraft’s Long Haul Trucker LogBook! Constructed from 5.5oz. Black oil tanned cowhide, this beauty is definitely road ready! He holds 4 to 6 Standard size inserts comfortably! He has a multi-function pocket for writing tools, and a tech pocket for loose papers/devices. A Brass chain is connected to its outside and allows it to be secured to a back pack or a belt. A route 66 patch and a Trucker patch adorn its rear side. One for the road, its the Long Haul Trucker LogBook, from, yep ZenKraft baby!

ZenKraft “A Love Supreme” Jazz Journal

Introducing ZenKraft’s “A Love Supreme” Jazz Journal! Constructed from 4.5oz. Blue Marble patterned oil tanned cowhide, this art piece has a semi stiff temper! A tribute to the great Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane, it takes the user (me) on a Jazz journey! It holds 6 to 8 Standard size inserts comfortably! It has a two inch spine, and twin tech pockets for holding devices like iPods when listening to your fav Jazz music. One for the Jazz affecianado, its the “A Love Supreme” Jazz Journal, from ZenKraft!