Saturday, January 11, 2020

ZenKraft Amethyst A5 Xtreme Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Amethyst A5 Xtreme Bifold! Zentuous indeed! Constructed from 5oz. Horween Amethyst colored cowhide, it has a  semi- firm temper! Hard to capture, it’s color is a deep purple/wine which can best be described as Amethyst! This is an Xtreme Bifold, of the A5 variety, and can hold 6 to 8 inserts comfortably! It has pockets galore, beginning on its left, a small secretarial pocket holds loose papers or ephemera as needed! Next, a full length pocket has a split writing tool pocket sewn-in capable of holding large writing tools easily! On the right, a full length pocket has a large secretarial pocket sewn-in that can hold pamphlets, cell phones or loose papers as needed! Finally, a small utility pocket is located on the far right, it can hold smallish writing tools as needed! Beautiful and functional, it’s the Amethyst A5 Xtreme Bifold, from ZenKraft!

Saturday, January 4, 2020

ZenKraft Mozaic A5 Pro Sleeve

Introducing ZenKraft’s Mozaic A5 Pro Sleeve! It’s Zen time! Constructed from 15 different leathers, combined with a 4oz leather backing, this A5 Pro Sleeve is a true art piece! It has a Croc patterned leatherette pen pocket that holds medium to large writing tools! it’s two inch spine holds 4 to 6 A5 inserts comfortably!a right utility pocket holds accessories and a 5”x8” notepad with a lower card slot for business cards! All contents are held safely by 2 line 24 antique brass snaps. Stylish but practical, it’s the Mozaic A5 Pro Sleeve, from ZenKraft!