Thursday, February 28, 2019

ZenKraft Jamaica Sunsplash B6 Quadfold

Introducing ZenKraft’s  Jamaica Sunsplash B6 Quadfold! Yeah Mon! Constructed from 3.5oz. Multi-colored patterned leather, combined with a 4oz. Leather liner, this is one gorgeous B6 Quadfold!  Beginning on its left side, a full length zippered pocket holds accessories nicely! Next, a 2” spine holds 4 B6 inserts comfortably! Next, a triple Pen Pocket holds small to medium writing tools! Another Triple Pen Pocket is on its right side, holding more writing tools as needed! Next, a 2” spine holds 4 B6 inserts easily! Finally, a Brass Snap pocket holds a cell phone or other devices securely! All contents are secured by a red 2mm elastic cord! A true beauty and a real workhorse, its the Jamaica Sunsplash B6 Quadfold, from ZenKraft!

Monday, February 18, 2019

ZenKraft Ruby Dark Composition Book Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Ruby Dark Composition Book Bifold! AmaZen! Constructed from 5oz. Dark Red oil tanned cowhide, this stunner of a Composition Book Bifold is a head turner to say the least! It has a smooth texture and a semi-firm temper! A two inch sewn-in spine provides both structure and space to hold 2 to 3 Composition Books comfortably! Its full length left pocket holds a small tablet and is slightly gusseted to allow space for a hard bound notebook as needed! The left pocket also has a sewn-in Triple Pen Pocket that holds three medium to large writing tools! Its right side pocket has slots for a 6” x 9” Steno Pad and business cards as required! Contents are safely secured with a 2mm black elastic cord! A true workhorse for class or meetings, it's the Ruby Dark Composition Book Bifold, from ZenKraft!

Friday, February 15, 2019

ZenKraft Tolowa Turquoise B6 Slim Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Tolowa Turquoise B6 Slim Bifold! Zenrageous! Constructed from 3.5oz. tumbled Turquoise Horween leather, this one has a smooth texture and a semi soft temper! It has a left inside pocket with a double pen pocket overlay that holds two medium to large writing tools comfortably! It’s 1.5 inch sewn-in spine holds 4 to 6 B6 Slim inserts as needed, while its right side pocket has a card pocket overlay that holds business and credit cards as required! All contents are secured with a Turquoise elastic cord! Beautiful and stylish, this one is sure to turn the heads of notebook enthusiasts everywhere! Its the Tolowa Turquoise B6 Slim Bifold, from ZenKraft!

Monday, February 4, 2019

ZenKraft Ruby Dark Field Notes Skin Suit Folio

Introducing ZenKraft’s Ruby Dark Field Notes Skin Suit Folio! Zentasia! Constructed from 5oz. dark red cowhide, it has a smoother texture and a semi firm temper! A true EDC toss and go notebook, this Field Notes Folio gets it done. Its front exterior holds a medium to large writing implement easy! Inside a left full length pocket holds bits and pieces as needed! Its 1” spine holds 2 Field Notes sized inserts comfortably. Its right pocket has a double card overlay pocket for business cards! A one inch elastic band secures all contents safely! Pretty but practical, its the Ruby Dark Field Notes Skin Suit Folio, from ZenKraft!