Wednesday, January 20, 2016

ZenKraft Desert Storm Personal X-Treme Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's Desert Storm Personal X-Treme Bi-Fold. Constructed from 4oz Desert Camo and 4.5oz tan oil tanned leather, the two are sewn together to produce a durable Personal size Notebook ready for EDC Bags and Backpacks. It is equipped to hold 4 to 6 Personal size inserts and one Field Notes size insert, as well as small pens, rulers, etc in the right side Utility Pocket. Twin Tech Pockets can hold small tech devices comfortably. Ready to go at a moment's notice, it's not just business, its Personal with the Desert Storm Camo Personal X-Treme Bi-Fold, from ZenKraft!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

ZenKraft Manila Sunset Standard Wide Bi-Fold with Cell Pocket

*******PROTOTYPE******Introducing ZenKraft's Manila Sunset Standard Wide Bi-Fold with Cell Pocket! This one holds 4 to 6 large Cahier size inserts comfortably, and has twin tech pockets inside. The outside is a different matter altogether. A front outside sewn on pocket holds an average size (5") Cell Phone comfortably. Larger pockets are in the works for iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Phones. Available soon, it's the Manila Sunset Standard Wide Bi-Fold w/Cell Pocket, from ZenKraft!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ZenKraft Appalachian Trail v2 A6 X-Treme Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's Appalachian Trail V2, A6 X-Treme Bi-Fold! This rustic, trail ready piece is constructed from 5.5oz distressed brown pull-up cowhide, and has a medium firm temper. It can hold 4 to 6 A6 inserts and one Apica CD5 insert along with small pens and rulers in its utility pocket. Definitely ready for anything, it's the Appalachian Trail v2 A6 X-Treme Bi-Fold, from ZenKraft!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

ZenKraft Great Plains Brown Bison A6 Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's Great Plains Brown Bison A6 Bi-Fold! This beauty is constructed from 4.5oz semi-soft tempered Brown Bison Leather, and is as durable as it is beautiful! A 2" sewn in spine allows It to hold four A6 inserts comfortably(inserts made by Melanie Dennison). Twin Tech pockets hold small cell phones and other devices. Available when zenkraftleather.comreopens, it's the Great Plains Brown Bison A6 Bi-Fold, from ZenKraft!

Friday, January 8, 2016

ZenKraft Fantasia de Fleur A5 X-Treme Quad-Fold Pro

***SOLD OUT***Introducing ZenKraft's Fantasia de Fleur A5 X-Treme Quad-Fold Pro.  This one of a kind beauty is constructed from a combination of 4 oz. oil tanned leather with a metallic floral paint job, and 5 oz. orange oil tanned leather, this notebook is stunning!  The versatility of this notebook is unparalled as it holds four different size inserts, i.e., A6, A5, Reporter Notebook and Field Notes size.  In addition, it has a multi-function pocket for pens, rulers, etc. and a small utility on its far right flap.  A tech pocket is installed on its left side along with a small slip pocket for cards, etc.  Due to its 2 inch spinal column, it can expand and accommodate a host of different items.  Ready for just about anything the "power user" can bring, it's the Fantasia de Fleur A5 X-Treme Quad-Fold Pro, from ZenKraft!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016