Saturday, February 4, 2017

ZenKraft Comanche Plains A5 Pro Sleeve SE

Introducing ZenKraft’s Comanche Plains A5 Pro Sleeve SE! Amazen! Constructed from 5oz. Rustic brown oil tanned cowhide, this notebook can deliver! Its outside consist of an external zipper pocket that holds accessories like cell phones, iPods, etc. as needed. It has a carry handle which is reinforced with antique brass rivets, making this a Special Edition Pro Sleeve for sure! Its contents are secured by antique brass snaps as well. Inside we find a left side pocket that can hold writing utensils or other devices as needed, all secured by a flap with a brass star snap. This Pro Sleeve holds 4 A5 inserts comfortably. Its right side tech pocket holds a Reporter Notebook and a card slot for those important business cards. Ready to go at the drop of a hat, it’s the Comanche Plains A5 Pro Sleeve SE, from ZenKraft!


  1. So are you selling this one or another like it soon? It would be so great for keeping all of my most important medical records, test results, CDs of MRIs and one with all my hospital records. I also have a symptom tracker in an A5 insert along with my medical/surgical/medication histories and all my allergies and procedures, etc so my docs can stay updated. And so new docs already have a full history on me! As a disabled ARNP, I LOVED the patients who brought all that info in so I could review what was important surgically and get to the exam faster. We operated on other docs from all over FL (how you know your surgeon is great!) and they would just dictate their history for me like normal dictations! (When we went computer only at hospitals by law, we had to manually type in histories and meds, etc).

  2. Yes, selling on ZenKraft Buy, Sell, Trade & ISO. Will post announcement before sale, thanks!