Saturday, February 4, 2017

ZenKraft Old Man Comfort v2 A5 Pro Sleeve SE

Introducing ZenKraft’s Old Man Comfort v2 A5 Pro Sleeve SE! Say what! Constructed from 6oz. Brown Horween Chromexcel Cowhide, this A5 Pro Sleeve has all the features of its siblings, like the left side multi pocket, the right side Reporter’s Notebook slot and tech pocket, the rear exterior pocket large enough to hold most cell phones and other devices, the spine which allows it to hold 4 to 6 A5 inserts comfortably, but it comes with one special feature, making it a Special Edition; a Carry Handle! The Carry Handle allows you to stuff this Pro Sleeve and carry it much like you would, can I say it, a Purse or a Murse! Reinforced with four gilded brass rivets, this Pro Sleeve is ready to rock and roll when you are. It lays flat when open allowing the user to work without issue. A new edition to the A5 Pro Sleeve line, it’s the Old Man Comfort v2 A5 Pro Sleeve SE, from, who else, ZenKraft!

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