Sunday, November 9, 2014

ZenKraft Hex-Fold Slim Notebook System

Introducing, ZenKraft's Hex-Fold Slim Notebook System.  Yes, it is real folks!  This notebook, constructed from Black Heavy Chap leather, is supple, yet thick and durable, able to hold four regular size inserts comfortably.  It has two regular size pockets and two smaller pockets holding business cards and wallet size cards respectively.  This is the first iteration of the Hex-Fold Slim, still very much a Prototype, which means there will be changes to different aspects of its functionality and design in the near future.  Because this edition is "Slim" in design, this notebook is still able to be carried in ones EDC Bag without much difficulty, holding most of what's needed by the user.  So, here it is, and I look forward to hearing your comments, enjoy! if interested, thanks!

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