Friday, April 17, 2015

ZenKraft Sahara OM Bi-Fold Notebook (Standard)

***SOLD OUT***Introducing ZenKraft's Sahara OM Bi-Fold Notebook. This is a sample creation constructed from Camel colored Pullup Leather, which has a semi-soft medium temper, with a shearling leather feel when held in hand. Twin Tech pockets allow ease of use, holding small gadgets without issue. Wide enough to hold 4 to 6 regular size inserts, this notebook has much potential. At the moment, its a one of a kind, and I hope to find more of this gorgeous leather soon. It's the Sahara OM Bi-Fold Notebook, from ZenKraft, enjoy! if interested, I'll put you on the list to notify when I get more, thanks!

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