Sunday, June 14, 2015

ZenKraft American Bison Bi-Fold (Standard)

***SOLD OUT***Introducing ZenKraft's American Bison Bi-Fold Notebook.  This notebook is constructed from 6oz. Bison leather, has a stiff temper, but retains flexibility.  It is a pullup leather that changes color hue when handled, producing overtime a beautiful patina!  The Bi-Fold holds 6 regular size inserts comfortably without the dreaded overhang.  Two Tech pockets allow for carrying small tech items like cell phones.  I added a brass chain bookmark on this one, just because it seems suited for the piece.  Folks its a limited edition and won't be around long, the American Bison Bi-Fold, by ZenKraft, enjoy! if interested, and it's a limited edition, thanks!

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