Sunday, January 17, 2016

ZenKraft Manila Sunset Standard Wide Bi-Fold with Cell Pocket

*******PROTOTYPE******Introducing ZenKraft's Manila Sunset Standard Wide Bi-Fold with Cell Pocket! This one holds 4 to 6 large Cahier size inserts comfortably, and has twin tech pockets inside. The outside is a different matter altogether. A front outside sewn on pocket holds an average size (5") Cell Phone comfortably. Larger pockets are in the works for iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note Phones. Available soon, it's the Manila Sunset Standard Wide Bi-Fold w/Cell Pocket, from ZenKraft!


  1. Loving this one....I have a Samsung Note 4.....will it fit in the pocket??

  2. Hello : This is beautiful , Sorry, where can I see the prices ?
    Thank you so much .

  3. As the description says, it's q prototype, larger pockets will be added to future notebooks to accommodate the bigger cell phones.