Saturday, February 6, 2016

ZenKraft A6 Earth Keepers Journal

Introducing ZenKraft's A6 Earth Keepers Journal! Constructed from Forest Green 3.5oz semi-soft leather, 5oz. tan oil tanned leather, and 5oz. distressed brown oil tanned pockets, all sewn together to create this piece of awesomeness! Seen in pics with A6 inserts made by our own Melanie Dennison, adding to the gorgeousness it is. It holds 4 to 6 A6 inserts comfortably. Its a very limited edition notebook, and its made by, yep ZenKraft Baby!


  1. I love this notebook! Is it still available? How much is it and how can I order one?

  2. It is just a prototype and not for sale.........yet!

  3. Yeah. I think this may be the one. But a field note bi fold extreme. Muahahahahahaha I think he's The One!!!!! Tree junkie. Swoon.

    ~ Sara Jean