Saturday, March 12, 2016

ZenKraft Old Man Comfort B5 Urban Messenger Bi-Fold v2

Introducing Zenkraft's Old Man Comfort B5 Urban Messenger Bi-Fold v2! Constructed from Brown 5.5oz. Horween Leather, This one is truly a workhorse! Measuring 10.25" x 7.5" closed, this notebook starts with a front pocket that holds an iPad Mini (without case) or accessories as needed. It has two inside tech pockets that are able to hold digital devices or other analog items comfortably. This version two notebook also has over its right pocket a Reporter's Notebook for quick note taking sessions. Holding four B5 Inserts comfortably, this Urban Messenger can handle heavy duty writing sessions without any issues. Ready for that long board meeting or just jotting down those brainstorming thoughts, its the Old Man Comfort B5 Urban Messenger Bi-Fold v2, from...........yep, ZenKraft Baby!


  1. Looks great but how do you order?

  2. Looks wonderful. Is there a pen loop or is the pen just held in place by the elastic wrap?