Thursday, April 7, 2016

ZenKraft B5 Distressed Brown Backpack Sling Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's Distressed Brown B5 Backpack Sling Bi-Fold! Just wow! Constructed from 5oz. distressed brown oil tanned leather, this notebook is amazing! Measuring 10.25" x 7.75", this one is a student's dream! The front has a full length pleated pocket that holds a wallet, book, tech device, large cell phone or whatever can fit inside it's 9"x5" pleated inside, and secures its contents with double brass snaps. The left inside pocket holds a small tablet comfortably! It can fit 4 B5 inserts or XL Cahier notebooks comfortably! The right side is complete with a cell phone pocket and another full length inside pocket. The rear is where it gets real interesting. There is a full length sling constructed from 2" wide elastic and leather and holds text books or whatever is needed to be held there securely. Just a prototype, but on its way to becoming part of the ZenKraft line, its the Distressed Brown B5 Backpack Sling Bi-Fold, from yep ZenKraft!

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