Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ZenKraft Montana Tan Standard Wide Bi-Fold

So the Zombie apocalypse has begun! What are you going to use to record the events that transpire in between stabbing Walkers in the head and trying to survive! Introducing ZenKraft's Montana Tan Standard Wide Bi-Fold! Say what!!! This unprecedented Travelers Notebook is constructed from 10oz. Saddle Veg. Tanned cowhide. It's a beast to be sure! It holds 8 to 10 Standard size inserts comfortably. This one has twin secretarial pockets and large long post antique brass rivets at its stress points. Its contents are secured by 1/8" paracord elastic. A rear carabiner attached to its spine allows it to be securely hung while your hunting Zombies! Definitely not your Granny's notebook, it's the Montana Tan Standard Wide Bi-Fold, from ZenKraft Baby!

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