Thursday, November 17, 2016

ZenKraft Distressed Brown Reporters Fliptop Journal (Prototype)

Introducing ZenKraft’s Distressed Brown Fliptop Reporters Journal (Prototype)! Constructed from 4.5oz. distressed brown oil tanned cowhide, this notebook is an unprecedented addition to the ZenKraft line, as it gives attention to the coveted Reporter’s Notebook in a new an innovative way. It holds a 5” x 8” Steno Pad which slides into a sewn in sleeve on its bottom side. The bottom also houses a card slot for business cards. Left and right snap tabs are also part of the bottom and extend to the top front flap securing the notebook closed. The front flap also has a utility pocket for holding pens, cell phones, etc. as needed. This prototype will undergo revisions in its next iteration in order to make it more user friendly. However, the first one out the gate, its the Distressed Brown Fliptop Reporters Journal, from ZenKraft!

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