Thursday, April 6, 2017

ZenKraft Peanut Brittle Bison B6 Multi-Function Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Peanut Brittle Bison B6 Multi-Function Bifold! Let’s do this! Constructed from 4oz. Oil tanned Peanut Brittle colored Bison, it has a semi-firm temper. Its front left side sports a natural edge cut pocket that holds accessories as needed. Its inside left tech pocket holds cell phones or other devices comfortably. Its 2” spine holds 4 to 6 B6 inserts with ease. Its right Tech pocket holds a 4”x6” flip pad, and it has a rear external zipper pocket that holds more accessories as required! Everything you want and more than you possibly need, it’s the Peanut Brittle Bison B6 Multi-Function Bifold, from, who else, ZenKraft Baby!


  1. Beautiful! Does it wrap around the inserts like a glove? How can I get one of these??

  2. Yeah, it kinda does, this is a prototype which has already sold, however more to come on ZenKraft Buy, Sell, Trade&ISO on Facebook!

  3. how does the purchasing process work?

    1. Facebook sales on ZenKraft Buy, Sell, Trade & ISO.