Thursday, July 6, 2017

ZenKraft Old Man Comfort v2 A5 Quad-Fold Pro Sleeve

Introducing ZenKraft’sOld Man Comfort v2 A5 Quad-Fold Pro Sleeve! Just AmaZen! Constructed from 6oz. Brown Chromexcel cowhide, this guy is 37.5” wide and has all the bells and whistles a power user could want! His far left tech pocket holds a 5”x8” Ampad Reporter Notebook, its left spine holds 4 A5 inserts comfortably, a multi-function pocket holds 4 to 6 writing tools, a utility pocket holds accessories, its right spine holds 4 A5 inserts, and a right flap pocket holds devices as needed. Its closure flap has to brass snaps and a carry handle to make it a mobile notebook. A brass D ring Key Fob is attached to its opposite rear spine. Definitely one for the power user, its the Old Man Comfort v2 A5 Quad-Fold Pro Sleeve, from who else, ZenKraft baby!

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