Thursday, January 11, 2018

ZenKraft Tucson Peanut Bison Composition Book Briefcase

Introducing ZenKraft’s Tucson Peanut Bison Composition Book Briefcase! Zweet! Constructed from 5oz. Peanut colored Bison, this Composition Book Briefcase has a semi-firm temper and a textured feel when handled. Its inside left pocket holds devices, and writing tools, as well as a top business card pocket. The 2” spine holds 4 Composition Book size inserts comfortably. Its right pocket holds a 5”x8” Reporter Notebook as needed. Its outside exterior Zipper pocket holds devices and accessories as required. All contents are secured by an antiques brass line 24 snap closure. A distressed brown leather carry strap allows for hands free carry when moving about. EDC here it comes, its the Tucson Peanut Bison Composition Book Briefcase, from ZenKraft!

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