Wednesday, June 27, 2018

ZenKraft Manila Sunset v3 A5 Pro Sleeve Tech Edition

Introducing ZenKraft’s Manila Sunset v3 A5 Pro Sleeve Tech Edition! Zenovative! Constructed from 5oz. Orange Rust colored oil tanned cowhide, this is one Tech Lovers dream notebook! On its left side is a 6.5” x 9” cut out pocket that allows access to an iPad Mini’s charging port, home button and camera. Entry is made by sliding the iPad Mini in from the top open slot. Is 2” spine holds 4 to 6 A5 inserts comfortably! A right Multi-Function Pocket holds a charger, cable and medium to large writing tool! Its exterior has a full length pocket that holds most cell phones or other devices securely! All contents are secured by line 24 gilded brass snaps! The first prototype in what will become a tech oriented line of notebooks, it’s the Manila Sunset v3 A5 Pro Sleeve Tech Edition, from ZenKraft!

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