Wednesday, January 16, 2019

ZenKraft Electric Midnight B6 Xtreme Bifold

Introducing ZenKraft’s Electric Midnight B6 Xtreme Bifold! Zen-tabulous! Constructed from 3.5oz. Black Patent Leather, combined with a 4oz. black suede liner, this B6 Xtreme Bifold just screams gorgeousness! Inside, a small left flap utility pocket holds small accessories, a left tech pocket holds accessories and has a double utility pocket for holding large writing tools as needed! It’s 2.5” spine holds 6 to 8 B6 inserts comfortably! Its rightside pocket has an upper slot for holding a 4” x 6” notepad, and a slot for holding business cards at the bottom! A right secretarial flap pocket holds cards as needed! A 2mm Black elastic cord secures all contents safely!  Rain, sleet or snow, the Electric Midnight B6 Xtreme Bifold from ZenKraft is ready when you are!

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