Tuesday, October 27, 2015

ZenKraft Fantasia de Fleur Personal Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's LIMITED EDITION Fantasia de Fleur Personal Bi-Fold!  Constructed from a combination of 4 oz. oil tanned leather with a metallic floral paint job, and 5 oz. orange oil tanned leather, this notebook is stunning!  The two leathers are sewn together, allowing the thinner layer to maintain its integrity and ability to hold 6 to 8 Personal size inserts comfortably.  Complete with gilded brass rivets, twin tech pockets, its not only gorgeous but functional to say the least.  Available for sale when the December calendar is posted, (Oct. 31st) it's the Fantasia de Fleur Personal Bi-Fold from, yep ZenKraft Baby, enjoy!

yehudahlightworker@gmail.com if interested, thanks!


  1. This is still my dream ..... to be able to order this one.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and hard work. Words can not describe the beauty of my ZenKraft Fantasia de Fleur Personal Bi-Fold!!!! The leather is amazing and the quality of your workmanship is Outstanding!! I look forward to adding more of your treasures to my collection!
    Thank you.
    Sandi aka BlushingAngel