Monday, October 19, 2015

ZenKraft Sun Kiss Gold A6 X-Treme Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's Sun Kiss Gold A6 X-Treme Bi-Fold!  Constructed from yellow 5.5 oz. oil tanned leather, this one has a medium firm temper.  It holds 4 to 6 A6 size inserts, and one Apica cd-7 insert comfortably.  A right utility pocket holds small pens, etc, and a left small flap pocket holds cards, etc, while two tech pockets hold small devices.  Available in December, its the Sun Kiss Gold A6 X-Treme Bi-Fold, from ZenKraft, enjoy! if interested, thanks!


  1. I don't even have the words to tell you how beautiful this notebook is and how excited I am to get it next month! I just had to come and look at it again.

  2. Your work is beautiful. How does one find out what's available?