Monday, April 18, 2016

ZenKraft Caramel Nebula A6 Bi-Fold

Introducing ZenKraft's Caramel Nebula A6 Bi-Fold! Constructed from 3./5oz Caramel colored oil tanned leather, combined with a 5oz leather lining, it is simply a gorgeous piece to use and look at! Holding 6 to 8 A6 inserts comfortably, it does the job nicely! Its the Caramel Nebula a6 Bi-Fold, from ZenKraft! Inserts by none other than Melanie Dennison!


  1. Love it! Sent you a PM just in case you're selling...

  2. Carmen, join ZenKraft Buy, Sell, Trade & ISO on Facebook, selling this weekend!

  3. Oh I adore this leather. Is there any chance you could make this as a Bifold in B6 or personal?