Monday, March 13, 2017

ZenKraft Rough Rider v2 A5 Sport Utility Bifold (SUB)

Introducing ZenKraft's Rough Rider v2 A5 Sport Utility Bifold (SUB)! Can you say "comeback!" Constructed from 5.5oz. rustic brown pullup cowhide, this bad boy just has "swag" and mo" swag! It holds 4 to 6 A5 inserts comfortably. Its front flap pocket holds any size cell phone comfortably! Its left inside has two small utility flap pockets that hold accessories/tools, and one pen sleeve for medium size pens. Its right tech pocket holds small tablets and has a slot for a 5"x8" Reporter's Flip Pad and a business card slot at bottom. Definitely a "go to " notebook, its the Rough Rider v2 Sport Utility Bifold (SUB) from, you guessed it, ZenKraft!


  1. you do amazing things with leather. I am determined to get one of your trifolding notebooks. first I just have to figure out how to purchase them. ha!

  2. Join ZenKraft Buy, Sell, Trade & ISO on Facebook, that's where I'm currently selling! Thanks!