Friday, June 27, 2014

ZenKraft Quad-Fold XL Notebook System

It seems that most inventions and ideas stem out a necessity of some sort, hence the saying; necessity is the mother of invention.  I needed a notebook that could have a multifunctional tone and still have style and look good.
 The Quad-Fold XL was thusly born.  You can see by the photo below, it has girth, and can easily hold nine inserts comfortably.
 This photo really demonstrates how the system allows you to separate your inserts and organize hem all under one notebook roof.
 Has that "Bible" look with that thick exterior.
 Partially open this photo begins to show how Quad-Fold XL allows you to work on either side independently of the other.
 Fully open, Quad-Fold allows you to see its full working potential.

On the left are three A5 inserts, next a passport wallet with three regular inserts, and a flip top insert.

Ready for some writing action!

If you like this notebook, email me and we can discuss making one for you,

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